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33rpm.de Schallplatten Antiquariat / Volker Mueller, Fidicinstr. 40, 10965 Berlin, +49 (0)30/69568456 [Q], info@33rpm.de, tax ID: DE218745161 / Due to urgent family matters I am out of town for a few days. I hope to be back soon. Orders and emails will be answered as soon as possible.


Welcome to 33rpm.de. We offer second-hand classical records (vinyl) in good condition at reasonable prices. Every other week we post new lists. The main list of about 1000 items and a sales list will be fully replaced. An independent A+ list of exclusively new or as new items will be updated weekly. See LPs. There is a small list of CDs, too.

If you are on our newsletter list we will email you in time about new listings. We offer discounts for regular recipients. There is always only about 3000 LPs of our stock online. If you are looking for specific items, please send us your requests.

And if you happen to be in Berlin: stop by. For someone into classical LP records this is where to go.