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Stock lists


Some topics fare better in stock lists than with our usual bi-monthly lists. We will issue various thematic listings here on this page that will run (and be kept updated) for a longer period than just two weeks. Your suggestions are welcome. A typical example is Organ; there is a small knowledgeable community of collectors that is better served with a steady stock list than with a handful of organ records listed every other week (and invisible for many month after that). Another example is new or as new records. Though our standards are high anyway, a list that one can browse without giving a thought to condition makes a difference.

  • New or as new - records, most of them at least 30 years old, in new or as new condition, no reprints.
  • Organ - we have just purchased an organ collection and will update this list continuously.
  • Listed artists - listed records, not necessarily available but worth a try. Huge list in text format; nice reading for robots and web crawlers ...

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