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Condition Grading

Our grading is absolute, there is no such thing as a record in generally fine condition with a bad scratch on it ...
There is no secret grading hidden in the price. We will never claim a low price as an an excuse for bad condition.


A+ Sealed or in mint condition, not necessarily unplayed, but in a state where you can hardly tell whether it was played or not. The (+) in brackets indicates a record which is just as fine, but you do see that this record has been played. A box set with 4 A+ records and one obviously played but fine record could be given the same grade A(+).

A/A(-) Fine: Very light scuffing or spindle marks. The typical condition of a careful collectorīs record. Runs perfectly fine and should give full satisfaction. The brackets A(-) indicate that a small visual blemish has prooved virtually inaudible when checked on the player.

A- Just a bit below perfection, the same type of small light blemishes prooved to be still tolerable.

B O.K.: Marks on the surface which are audible. Items in this condition are rather a bit noisy than severely scratched, and offered only, if they are rare, interesting and still enjoyable. They are often very lovely indeed, especially when given a B+. We do not offer seriously scratched records without explicit warning (a.s.) B records make about 2% in our lists.


Please note that grades apply only to the records themselves. Problems with a record's cover will be noted in the list cov-. Nothing should be too bad. If you are very concerned about the coverīs condition and found a cov- with a chosen item, please ask for a thorough description via email. Visual aid may be provided. Some type of records - early Melodiya in the main - come with a poor general cover and the less fine condition of these should be understood. If a cover (especially one of those where one would expect nothing too brilliant) is especially fine, it is noted +cov.

as new - for once - refers to both record and cover, even with very old LPs.

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