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Listing Abbreviations

In our lists we use abbreviations common to most of our customers. Beside there is an easy code expressing any musical work´s category.


S Symphony V Strings/Violin W Wind
K Concert Va Viola Clar Clarinet
So Sonata Vc Cello Fl Flute
O Orchestra P Piano Ob Oboe
Ch Chamber H Harpsichord Prc Percussion


Combined with the number of players the category becomes clear: W5 means a wind-quintet, V4 a string-quartet, V3 A string-trio, VSoP a Sonata for Violin and Piano etc...

You couldn´t abbreviate the Beethoven -Tripelkonzert more precisely - VVcPK - though we feel close to the limits of the system here. Try the second Brandenburg...


Orchestral abbreviations


StkD Staatskapelle
CzPO Czech Philharmonic
LenPO Leningrad Philharmonic
StkB Staatskapelle
Ccgbw Concertgebouw
DresPO Dresdener
PhO Philharmonia
Gwdhs Gewandhaus
RSO Radio Sinfonie
Orchester ~


and some more technical or condition-related ones:


a.s. audible scratch es electronic stereo sb small band (Decca)
bl-gld Supraphon blue & gold fr french pressing sc EMI semi-circle
bl-wh Eterna blue & white g german pressing sn surface noise
cov- Cover/Box damaged M Mono SQ quadrophonic
+cov extra quality cover (early Melodiya) nl netherland pressing us american pressing
eng english pressing OA reissue in original album wb wide band (Decca)
fp full price issue mp mid price issue bp budget price issue


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